that's me and that's you
i like sleeping with the windows open when it starts to get chilly, but last night i was up for hours listening to this strange sound from the sky. it sounded like a horn. a low mournful horn. over and over again, but not repetitive, deliberate. it seemed to be right above the house so i looked out the windows to discern where it was coming from, to no avail.eventually i just fell asleep.

tuckered baby bear time :3

sketches for halloween pieces


man, people in east rock love to take things off sidewalks, hallelujah!
i'd feel really bad if i moved away and left a bunch of stuff on the sidewalk and it just stayed there, annoying all the neighbors.
today my dad and i tackled my library. so far we've filled 6 giant plastic bins in the storage space with books. this wasn't an easy feat considering i live on the 3rd floor and he's a cripple hahahaha
also this blog's gonna be pretty boring for a while, no time to stitch or socialize, might just be updates and recipes for the next week. sorry!
another day of packing!

ideally a combo of the two

here's that awesome soup recipe i mentioned yesterday

In the final stages of packing up my apartment, for the next few days there'll be stuff on the sidewalk for a the taking.
(like a cat montage paint-by-number...ahem...)
holy shit my allergies, though.
made vegetable and bacon soup, and it was flipping delicious, so i'm gonna post the recipe soon. 
i also broiled some cheese on some french bread cuz i was worried the veggie soup wouldn't be filling, but i was dead wrong. it was hella substantial. 
btw i got the recipe from this cookbook i picked up at the library. 

so i found this keychain in my gramma's jewelry box..

dreamt i saw dean ween onstage at an empty suburban dive bar and then my car was stolen.
my dog faked scared so i'd let her sleep on my bed, only now i'm up with a headache and a crabby disposition.
if you're in nyc today you should go see amy sedaris at fishs eddy, if you buy something from her new line you also get a cupcake and a land o' lakes secret bare boobies picture. yaknow that trick right? my grampa taught me that ol' chesnut when i was a tot.

i made apple crisp tonight with the apples from the orchard, and i did a thing with em shhh!
(i added almond extract to the apple mixture)(it added dimension)(it was good)
slow dancing to "one on one"
i caught a bug or something
not to be all dramatic but...i'm pretty sure i'm dying.
send for the preacher
kaye blegvad

one of my instagram mutuals makes these. 
no words!


i'm tired of the modern age, is it socially acceptable to dress like an edwardian?
my new mentor
how do they get their hair so fluffy??