been collecting patches and working on this jacket for about a year now, and it's all done as of tonight finally finally done hooray!

booked a mini vacation in june for newport.
really need a break from everything here to just be lazy on the beach, do some corny sightseeing, drink cocktails with little umbrellas in them, that sorta stuff.

gpoy when i'm doing a ceremony to get you to touch your dangus and think about me
"Yesterday, the results of a new study were published, discussing the link between coffee and erectile disfunction. The verdict? Caffeine helps relax the muscles in and around your dick and makes them work better, thereby staving off the scourge of erectile disfunction. That's great. I always knew that coffee would save my penis."

one more reason to love coffee
(how i've lived since we met)
Presse - Marion Fayolle
looking into cottages up where my bro is for realsies now, and it's crazy how much cheaper the real estate is versus ct. there is literally a pink cottage ON THE BEACH that's in my price range.
a little pink cottage, right on the sandy beach. mind blown!
there's a larger one also on the beach that my parents are looking at.
could you imagine?!?
i'll miss some things here but it'll be nice to be near family and friends. really hope when it's time to buy that house is still available, just gotta wait til my dad's done with chemo. he's gonna get through this and then we'll move out to be with our friends and family and we'll be happy :)

cloudy day cellphone pic of something i just finished.
how i make love
some of my pin collection :)
i've had that horse pin on the right since i was a child and according to my mom i named it Cracklin' Rosie. yep, i was a Neil Diamond fan as a tot. 
the couple in the pin on the left are my parents in 1975, she was pregnant with my eldest bro. 
that's an old Heinz pickle pin on the bottom.

you alone, you call me on
wherever your attention goes your energy follows/unintentional vampirism

more cancer in my dad, he's gotta have six weeks of chemo now and i have to be here longer to help.
he says he won't have anymore surgeries though, he won't lose his bladder(that's where the cancer is), so if this chemo doesn't work he's just gonna let it do its thing.
doc said it's from decades of heavy smoking, even though he quit when i was a baby in the 80s, so please let this be a lesson to you. you think it's just in the lungs? don't even START smoking.
stay off the weed too just to be sure. don't fuck with your organs folks cuz they will fuck you right back.
2015 has sucked hard so far.

i spent my afternoon at the yale art gallery

this is a gold death mask

shield with human hair
the contemporary floor was my least favorite tbh.
my favorite room in the whole place. for perspective: that painting on the wall was easily 9ft x 7ft, easy.  
the (f)Arts
the african masks were also my favorite and i'm super inspired now for my supernatural forest series.
this one's eyelashes were made of human hair
the sculpture room on the first floor was heavenly
these are all out of order sorry.
then i went to starbucks and their coffee is so sub par i should have gone to blue state or something but it was chilly out today and i was in a skirt.

so i designed these and had 50 made and they're now up on the etsy. 
they're ridiculous, i know. i love ridiculous. 

piece i'm working on