eating saltwater taffy after my dentist appointment cuz i like to live dangerously.
friendship bracelet of course!
vest and tee done! phew! white's hard to stitch with, doesn't make a nice clean mass, always looks stringy. i might change the color, not sure yet, i'm running out of time and the 6 other pieces for the show need to be finished and mounted too.
really need to let some stress out once they're all done.

me on my trip to puerto rico
Patina Blues, Day 3:

my mom took my dad to cape cod for a long weekend before his chemo starts next week, and my dog's been SO DEPRESSED since they left. honestly seeing her sad face all day is breaking my heart so i've been giving her lots of treats and kisses. she's a sensitive soul :(

day 1:
everybody hurts sometimes
day 2:
when the day is long

put patches by chris uphues and penelope meatloaf on her denim vest. 
watching this old hillary duff movie(friday night rock n rollllll) and the popular mean girl has all dark liner around her mouth and it reminded of that dark lipliner trend.
i'm glad people stopped doing that.
sidenote: how does chad michael murray not know cinderella is diner girl?????
poor boy's dumb as a box of rocks.

look at this messy lipliner.

got a piece of glass in my foot this morning
foolery is on a roll lately!
watching my parents house til monday, got foot blood on her fancy oriental rug shhhh!
dad borrows my car for the morning, has the air conditioning on full blast, uses half a tank of gas, and leaves fast food trash on the floor.
it's really hard having a father with the mentality of a spoiled teenager. 
i like how this one's coming out :)

i found this old valentine pillow in my gramma's attic. everyone wanted to throw it away but i rescued it.
it's big and kitschy and neon red and has a furry cat on it! clearly i'm the only one with taste around here.
Matthew Holness Super Fan
i swear 50% of the conversations i have with my big brother consist of sharing baked chicken recipes.
i should also add that we text on a daily basis, and this percentage is still very very accurate. 

my daughter Patina. bonafide furry angel.
(no really God like totally gave me a golden certificate and everything)
(and yes i have to put down pillowcases for her to lie on in the summer. m'baby gets hot)
this is actually what it looks like when two italians have sex.
scusa, scusa, make-ah l'amore.
i stitch upside most of the time. sometimes sideways.

an extra from season 2 of Beverly Hills 90210 who probably needs to make a cameo in an upcoming embroidery.
or at the very least tell me where he got that sweet visor.
literally could give two shits about Shark Week.
gimme a fat lazy pile of walruses anyday.
gettin there
that hair literally took me like, 8 hours.

still on that Connan Mockasin kick.
Hot Mama! One "Sassy" pickle (look at her twirlin' her pearls like she's ready to party!)