believe me i would like to be on facebook enjoying baby pictures and corny jokes, it's these fucking pushy dudes all day long every day that make me have to hide under a rock. seriously, if i decline a date the first time, i'm not gonna change my mind the 20th time you ask me out. ugh.
i have two surgical procedures next month so i can't go out for awhile after those anyway. both are two weeks apart, both require a month or so of healing, basically i'll be doing all of my xmas shopping online this year.
my middle brother surprised us with a visit this weekend, i'm happy :) we spent all yesterday at the fancy mall up north, then we ate truffles from the godiva store on the drive home. highly recommend the pumpkin cheesecake and the tiramisu! i'm pretty tired today need to rest a bit. happy 13 nights of halloween, y'all!

~instagramming like the rent was due~
milky jezebel
totally in love with this little house that's for sale right up the street from my brother's house in rochester, and it's in my price range!
my lil punkin in her pumpkin kerchief :)

my halloween flair

super awesome fabric bunting by @mypapercrane for spoonflower. the design is for a fat quarter size so it's economical too!

when one of your favorite living artists releases a limited run book you kinda sorta have to buy it, yaknow?
example, i jumped on that negron book and now it's sold out!
saddest thing though: i didn't even know matthew holness released a special vhs of "A Gun for George" and there were only like 50 made and they're gone. all gone. i'm gutted. better have a lie down.

fully support you boys that wanna wear french cut man panties.
extra sleazy, pleaze.
HALLOWEENTOWN TONIGHT Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
fun fact: the music was by Mark Mothersbaugh!
my sweet babies of darkplace as youngins