don't get me wrong i love pumpkin foodstuff, but the other day i saw pumpkin spice bubble gum in the wallgreens and that's when i knew this pumpkin spice trend has gone TOO FAR.
plus, hello? apple recipes man! apples are in season show some respect!

my homie cameron sent me all these feldman videos, credit to him!
he didn't know about Feldman's Angels! i'm fascinated by corey feldman. he's a man possessed!

dreaming of a backyard embroidery studio shed. would just need to run electric and waterproof the inside. and paint the outside to look like a precious little cottage where dreams are made!
(and maybe a chair for the little porch)(and some string lights to wind around the porch for night time)
i totally can't wait to live out in the country! :D

i accidentally dropped my laptop and now it's acting like a dick but i just sold some pieces so i guess i seinfelded it out.

this is probably inappropriate to confess, but i thought the beginning of Fear was pretty darn romantic.
what can i say? i like em a little crazy.

i have a bookcase in my kitchen that i keep all my cookbooks on(i have a lot)(i like to cook)(cuz i like to eat), but these four are my favorites. lots of recipes i make over and over again.
so i'm recommending them.
ESPECIALLY the top two. the second one is a local vegetarian restaurant and they make killer soups and desserts. i urge you to make the French Peasant Soup and Lithuanian Coffee Cake on the asap tip.
mom(left) and her littlest sister

my dad's senior picture

i look like both of them

my brother and i used to do this :)
this was in my inbox this morning and it wasn't spam

fonz thumbs
no really though, was taylor swift cloned from the dna of zeena lavey???

finished these small portraits. body's still in a good deal of pain, it's easier to work on small embroideries just for fun right now.
2015 so far.

and i'm still not getting laid! i forgot what a penis even feels like! i bet my hymen grew back by now! (is that possible??)