just when i thought this show couldn't get any babe-lier, they go and introduce some foxy portuguese dudes.
god bless Lost.
my baby Patina :)

i care about flair

these kids are the best kind of kids
started a kinski nosferatu

it's a cookie!
papier mache's gonna have a moment too.
basically crafts for poor people, cuz really who can afford art supplies at proper art stores these days?
one by one all the crafts you did in elementary school will be elevated to fine art status.

stuck in bed all day so i watched a million episodes of Lost and stitched little people

i'd like to be a femme fatale when i grow up.
but like a sweet helpful one who doesn't hurt people. and has a lot of stray animals and makes soup.
and hugs all the babies i love babies.
basically i want to look sexy and tough so all the weinie beta males(invisible fedoras) stay away from me but still approachable to animals and babies. while eating soup.

btw i'm sick in bed today so expect a lot of nonsensical blogging.
but no instagramming. i am not cute when i'm sick. look like a victorian peasant woman effed up on absinthe.
i'm trying to watch all the masterpiece shows i dvr'd while i'm stuck laying here but their voices just keep blending into british blobs of noise. i bet this is how the english sound to foreigners. 
as predicted, the weaving trend of 2014 came and went, and for 2015 i predict that beadwork's gonna make a short comeback.
even shorter than weaving, cuz beadwork's hard as fuck.
i'm like a craft psychic y'all.
rollins solipsist
i was ashamed to admit this before but i'm in absolute agony---i've had that shitty third eye blind semi charmed life song stuck in my head for over a week now.
i don't even know how i know all the lyrics. i'm ashamed of myself. i'm out in the world doing things and nobody knows my disgraceful secret.
if they only knew the torture that was thrashing through my brain.
there is no peace there is no quiet only babay-babay over and over again.
pray for me.

sunday night dutch apple pie and embroidering tiny people portraits

shoutout to my homie greg for sending this gem to me
the guy fieri tag is my favorite tag on tumblr.

the subtle art of seduction

In line at the Walgreen's behind a hipster college lad who was buying a Monster energy drink and a box of condoms, wondering where my youth and my sex life have gone.
i want an entire blog of that alien doll just sitting crosslegged in different places.

also i just want that alien doll period. permanent couch guest.

my parents on their honeymoon in mexico in 1974. my dad kept being mistaken for che guevera and given lots of free stuff wherever he went. they thought he was just bringing a mistress on vacation!my family's like a magnet for the ridiculous btw.
to be honest they really do look like they could be brothers, expecially when they smile. jeez louise.