next one for Panty Party

you can't marry the original sketch, because the redraw NEVER looks the same.
just have to go with the flow and have fun with it.
i had a dream that p and i were on a date in tokyo, and he took me to the Hello Kitty ice cream shop, which was very pastel and neo-victorian and he knew i'd love it(and i did omg it was tremendous) and he was in a button-up shirt tucked into slacks and i wore a linen shift dress and we held hands and ate ridiculous ice creams while walking the streets of tokyo.
it was pretty much the nicest dream ever.
Jesus is pissssssed
be my valentine

i'll be spending most of my year working on show pieces, i figured now was the perfect time to do that series of limited edition pins based off my embroideries :)
here's the first one! based off one of my very first embroideries some 12 years or so ago. i stitched my own version of Atwood's The Robber Bride onto my tanktop for fun.
they'll be up in the shop by this evening, limited run of 100.
took a few days off from stitching to deal with everything going on, and i tried to do some tonight but my hand is throbbing with pain in the lumpy thigh meat of my thumb drumstick.
blanche's bedroom in the golden girls is incredible.
i want a big sumptuous bedroom. the kinda bedroom that you have to wear kimonos in. only the finest of silk undies in the drawers. and velvet side chairs by the windows. in blush.
hey if you're gonna dream, dream big.
potential next piece for the cheeky show coming up in a few months.
glad to be home, out of towners left, i hate this whole process but the ritual of it definitely helps finalize the situation mentally.
now i'm just gonna sit here with this chocolate dipped edible arrangement and look at houses for sale up north.
my gramma's wake was this evening, it was tough, she just looked like she was sleeping, i didn't understand why she wouldn't just wake up. i'm just really sad right now. i miss her. i'm glad i had a nice visit with her the other week. we all had a pizza party tonight after the wake, out of towners and such, it was fun. but now laying in bed im just really sad. and i miss her.
my mom, the original linda belcher
80s hipster dad
swiped this old 70's radio station shirt from Uncle Muscle's attic. i'd wear it out but it's so flimsy it should count as lingerie.

my mom: *laughs* boy they look like a bunch of assholes *laughs*
she's quite the art critic
i miss her already.
hanging out with all my angels :)

niece #3 turned 3 today :)

the day that wouldn't end is finally over.
funeral home in the morning. out of towners arriving. calgon take me away!
lindt chocolates and Naked Gun movies all day

so basically i had a cut on the side of my pinky and i got blood on my embroidery, and it wasn't coming out, then i went and got the ointment on it too(i think the bandaid shifted), so i had to add a whole new character to cover it up.
problem solved!
i really want a Paul Blart 3, and i want Tim the Tool Man Taylor in it too.