i have a totebag fetish, and this angela dalinger one is next. 

it's okay to admit you like this song.

one time my mom made me a walrus cake, cuz walruses are my favorite animal. 

receiving love requires bravery.
whenever more responsibility is piled on me i sorta have a little freak out and want to run screaming for the hills
there's no blueprint to being an artist, there's no real formula and there's no one to help you and it's so fucking overwhelming and a big part of me wants to say fuck it and go get a regular job and not feed the beast any longer.
it's a beast. anyone with a creative compulsion knows they're not like everybody else, you can try to be like everybody else, do what's expected of you by societal norms, but every so often you're gonna mentally break, maybe secretly, and wonder what the fuck you're doing leave me alone i just wanna make ____ why are you bothering me go away.
it's like being half hermit/half child.
i don't know what i'm doing, i just keep making.
i'm having a minor freak out i don't know if art is worth all this art is lonely and tiring with blips of extreme stress and really i just wanna get hugged and kissed.
i was at the beach and then i came home and long story short my bed is filled with sand. 
kinda wishing i gave her heidi braids now


dolce & gabbana for sunglass hut
fucking swooning over here.

i was trying to look more like anna nicole :/
i went into the future and took a photo of my future husband's tombstone

what the internet is missing:
fashion blog of Fran Drescher's outfits in The Nanny

also the blog should have modern resources to be able to recreate the looks today.

let's remember the good times
also ps okay i don't want to cut my bangs anymore i just wanna look like anna nicole
antique Patinas

she let me put a flower barrette in her hair :)

this daryl hall restoration show is my new favorite show
started a larger one