my mom's starting to walk a little again but i'm still pretty much on full time nurse duty. at least i don't have immediate deadlines looming, however my brain is another story. caring for loved ones can be really emotionally and physically taxing, and i'm a loner to boot, so not having my alone time is really getting to me. i steal an hour to myself when the physical therapist is here, so i get really upset when they reschedule because of the snowstorms! don't you dare woman i need my me time!
anyways the pt's here so i made an iced coffee and i'm sitting in this sun patch on the bed in my undies cuz it's so nice and warm and i really need this.

this video's more How To Get Ready For the Day Like a Boss than anything.
update: i'm hungover
i'm very drunk these rice crispies are delicious i saw a man tonight with a bun that had a beaded stick through it and his gf had a matching bun it was hilarious the pictue is on my instagram. also o'death was great a really great band go buy their cds
pear cider is delicsous rock n rolllllllllllkay goodnight

that's it, i'm crawling back into my mother's womb and i'm not coming back out until i'm dead.
i'm really liking this trend of wrapping crescent rolls around things.
another snow day. march 1st.
yes i'm totally butthurt about it.
i've been planning this year's garden and i'm anxious to get my hands in the dirt plus i'm doing easter this year so i wanna decorate the yard and hide eggs for my baby nieces! but they can't hunt for eggs in the snow :(
spring, will you ever get here? :(
i like my bacon overcooked, and my cookies undercooked.

truth be told, i haven't been dealing all that well with this aging business. it plum snuck up on me!
so i'm looking to luisa beccaria to aid me into maturity with feminine style and aplomb.
i wanna be just like her when i grow up! :3

i love darryl hall, i love chromeo
sure glad my local news is reporting on the upcoming bands at Gathering of the Vibes this year.
(that was sarcasm, btw)

angela deane

Catrin Welz-Stein

daniela tieni

ooooooOOOOoooooohhhhhh :O
there was a movie called The Queen yet it didn't star Miss Piggy
we used to have an english teacher at north haven high who looked like lou barlow and my friends and i were so in love with him. i used to hang out with him during lunch and we'd talk about sonic youth and steven jesse bernstein and stuff i would have run away with him just sayin'.