i always think i sound like the biggest turkey in interviews.
i just don't really think about my work that much, happens on the brain level yaknow? then my hands fart it out. finger farts.
i should do my interviews with answers like that.
also i've had a sore throat for a couple days but i just assumed it was allergies but now my glands are swollen and i'm feeling all tired. bummerama.
Poor Tan Shen. She got dumped and spent a week in a 24 hour KFC.
Grrrrrlllll we have all been there.
Me, I'm partial to Popeye's.

dunno how i got so many instagram followers since i started one last month but holy crap i LIVE for the comments.
my followers are fucking hilarious, so i guess i'm doing something right with my life.
bless you all.
also this Lost show is killing me with the friggin cliffhangers.
also i pretty much cry every episode. (i'm a cryer)
and Sayid is one hunk of sultry musky man meat and i got a few caves and bushes here he could climb through if he wanted just sayin'. drip that sweat on me, playa.
how fucking dare you. now you're just being flagrant. ya sexy jerk.
i'm sorry everybody it's been a while i'm so sorry.

last night and today's done dids

had to touch up this one for a magazine feature

added some shading and messier hair

bedtime drawings

i thought i lost my goblin child! i made him last halloween and he's back in my arms again! phew!

embroidered a linocut print

gave her some socks. (you'll notice it's the same character from the drama queen piece up above)

found an old mixtape from when i was 17 and used to listen to it when i was at art school, and it's like, all portishead. and a couple ween. and a lone britney spears track. 1999 i think?
oh and there was a picture of dr. evil taped onto the case. frankly i'm surprised i wasn't more popular!

TOTALLY want this back patch. i know it's for lady bikers, but i ride other things.
heh heh.

patch master post!

my denim jacket is where my patches are all ending up, and then i thought, "aw gee there's still room" so i've been on an embroidered patch purchasing bender because THERE ARE SO MANY COOL PATCHES OUT THERE. also my art friends make them too! and now i want to make some!
don't worry we all have different art styles, i just want to have some more affordable options for all the people who like my art. it'll be an investment to have a lot of, say, 50, machine made by a patch company, and to make a profit they might be in the 15 buck range(patches surprisingly cost a LOT to make, bulk or individually)(no seriously these quotes are blowing my mind up).
anyways i thought i'd do a master list of awesome patch links:

explorer's press
starnigh industries
mishka nyc
critical hit
dany reede
pork shop
storied threads
crafters supplies
sams world 360
penelope meatloaf
no fun press

two print mag interviews tonight! yeep!

Burn the Witch

Hang the Witch
Every so often I need a break from the big pieces, and that's when I end up doing little stitch doodles.
Usually whatever pops into my head, they're quick to stitch, and they're tiny. Usually between 2-3", and I put them up on my etsy today.

Carnivore is mounted and up for sale
victorian mourning quilts are goth as fuck

welp, i went and got myself sucked into this Lost show.

my dad finally found an original Varro coin, he's our direct ancestor on my paternal side, he's happy as a clam cuz it just came today from an antiquities dealer in Germany. (he's been combing the web and coin mags for years for one)
holding history, especially when it's your family's history, is really really cool.