in memory of when i enjoyed my body and it wasn't all swollen and stitched up and bruised
i'll see you soon, bod
i miss you

i'm attempting to make an xmas stocking like this, well, at least cutting out the pieces for now.
every day i feel a little bit better. i'll be having thanksgiving dinner from bed unfortunately, but i'm sure my dog will be happy to keep me company haha

sans fards stuck in bed selfie 11/22

patina all sleepy

At the guilford big y there's a bagger that looks lik Divine without the makeup it's tremendous. My doc is in that town I had to kill 20 minutes so I bought muffins. 
Just got home after 8 hours of surgery. I can't feel my body and I'm dripping blood everywhere it's hella gnarly. M on a bunvch of drugs but in s few days I'll be a lot better. I won't be doing anything work related til I'm better I'm sorry.
Also I was awake for the entire thing