a)need a whole 'nother set of tests in a few more weeks, they're totally perplexed about my vision loss, medically speaking i'm unique n' special in my right eyeball
b)my bro came into town unexpectedly today and brought cake!
c)oh and i got a pair of sunglasses from the doc and they look like BluBlockers i'll probably wear them all the time now. 

welp, scarjo got a mom hairdo, guess it's all downhill from here.
(also she was wearing 90s style linen overalls and i just can't abide by that foolery)
what's a polite, non-creepy way of asking if i could take some of someone's dna and make a clone of them for my own personal use?
also what's the shelf life of a clone?
i'm assuming they don't have souls so would they just behave like a sociopath? cuz i'm kinda into that in the old tie me up, tie me down routine.
like a soulless sex robot.
could i add some tweaks? like more body hair and vibrating fingers?
honestly what'd you think i'd do with a clone?
my building's closing is next week!!!!
which also means i gotta clear everything out of my apartment by then, only i have my first appt with the eye surgeon tomorrow(in a previous post i explained how i keep losing vision in my right eye and my optometrist said i need to get it fixed or it will become permanently blind), and the tests are supposed to be like two hours long(uggghhhhh), so that's no good.
so friday i'll be there, and i'll be piling free stuff on the sidewalk for the takin', so if you're local please come take my stuff! feel my aura smell my scent fondle my goods! don't worry i'll be gone by the afternoon so i won't see you get creepy with my disposables go wild i'm into it.


i bet they were k's choice fans too. 
you can just tell these things.

dawson creek dawson can't take a joke and he looks and acts like a chronic masturbator.
puberty was tough for the Beek, and airwalks and carpenter shorts were nobody's friend.
also he claims he's this movie buff but he has posters for Lost World and I Know What You Did Last Summer on his walls.
i feel like i'm regressing a little should i see a therapist? i wore a choker the other night. i should add it was one i bought at the milford mall circa 1998.
colon puller

i ran out of the red 817 color for the middle girl's blouse so i'm using a different red and i told myself, "It's a Gordon Gartrell" and there was no one there to chuckle at my joke so i'm putting it on my blog.
uhhh....hey, babeh

the one in the middle is a Peaks fan

four words: Jersey Shore Shark Attack
still hilarious.