your shadow passes into mine
one down, bunch more stuff to go. get buck get buck!

r.i.p. delia's :(

my best friend :) she just woke up :)
so since i'm feeling better i put on my normal people clothes, and it turns out you can lose a few lb's just laying in bed on painkillers for a month! *raises roof*
also i think my hair grew a few inches and i can't explain that phenomenon. maybe all those odwalla green machine drinks.

if i ever have a family, you bet yer ass i'm gonna make us do a family portrait in aerobic gear and high top sneakers. 
then i'll hang it in the room of the house designated as the "home gym". 
unless there's company in which case it goes over the mantle.

denim jacket flair is super important to me. 
(the Tina pin says "Don't have a crap attack")

 the book i'm in arrived today, i'll show you the first page but i'm too shy to show the rest of the images :)
it's weird, i have no prob sharing my art but as soon as others share it i get super spooked. especially next to all these big names in here, i feel like an imposter!
like eventually the art world's gonna catch on that i'm this dweeb who doesn't actually live the lifestyle she portrays in her pieces. maybe that's where things need to change? more leotards and coke and boners? i've been wanting to "go undercover" and photograph people in their natural habitat, so far it's all from my head.
if anyone wants to show me the club scene please lemme know! i'll buy some kelly bundy dresses and we'll hit the town! it's for research!

i've been working on a zine of sorts, of all my little drawings that never get turned into embroideries, but then i thought this morning, wouldn't a coloring book be more fun?
so for 2015 these things are on the table:
-machine embroidered patches, will start by ordering a lot of 50, haven't decided on the design yet
-pin packs(4 to a pack, with details from my embroideries)(i usually give pins of embroideries in orders as little presents, but then i thought, why not make a bunch of different pins and sell them as cheap packs?)(so whoomp there it is)
-spider's paw coloring book

hard to stitch this one because it's about 3ft across.

everything donna mills said in this interview was perfect.
thank you, donna mills.

cosplaying Maggie from Love and Rockets like everyday

I wish dethklok was a real band.