so ready
i'm making a fall mix for the car, it's basically midlake and unknown mortal orchestra, aka ultimate autumn music right??

my homeboy Spencer made a dick on a latte and it deserves its own blog post. 
the subtle nutsack, the seam, it's downright delicious. kudos dude!

wtf with these bullshit "cuddle parties" lately.
sorry but i only cuddle if :
a)you're one of my precious nieces and we're watching a movie together or
b)you're a piping hot dude i plan to bang

don't waste my time and bring me to a party with drugs and alcohol then start holding me close and sensual and musky and not expect me to get a wide-on.
i'm here for a good time, not a case of blue lips.

HOWEVER, if this was a cuddle party filled with toddlers and puppies I'M SO THERE I'LL BRING COOKIES.

maybe it's stupid of me but i still have hope things'll work out. in all the areas.
especially if i get the ranch with the red jacuzzi in it. and then combine everything together and make it a really happy life.
simpler times

and if you're lucky, tomorrow i'll tell ya all about my adventures at the dmv!

laying in bed with some trail mix watching lars von trier's antichrist. #justgirlythings

pile of berets, buncha lion brand yarn bon bons
i've gotten a lot of compliments on this beret i embroidered for myself, peeps asking if i'll be selling any, answers yes yes i totally will be. cuz it's fun! and i only need a few berets what's the point of hoarding them?

no pants whatever

ahhh the sweet simple joys of shopping for auto insurance.
my new whip!
(i'm out in the country this weekend!)