among the usual thanksgiving fare that's been made in the family for decades(and if you don't people will complain about it behind your back for the next year), i attempted to make pumpkin-shaped rolls and cranberry cinnamon whiskey sours.
basically you take raw dough balls and slice them and then when they rise they're supposed to round out and look like pumpkins. i'll be attempting them tomorrow with tweaks, but here's the kinda okay turn out today:
raw and sliced

baked. i see now that i should have sliced them further in.
for the cocktails i made a syrup with fresh cranberries and cinnamon sticks and sugar/water and just boiled it down, strained it, then mixed it with the citrus juices and whiskey. came out awesome, but tasted more like christmas than thanksgiving. my brother exclaimed, "it's christmas in a glass!". also it was hella strong. so we all were druuuuunk. here are the photos of the syrup and what was left of my cocktail.

and here's my festive outfit:
oh i also made a pumpkin chiffon pie with gingersnap crust but forgot to take a picture. it was pretty great, but i think it would have been better with less-sweet graham crackers instead of gingersnap cookies.

i really dig those vivid ongoing dreams that continue even if you wake up and fall back asleep.
last night's featured a dodo and an underwater city.

as i typed this i noticed a piece of pepperoni tucked into my sweater.

yesterday i kept thinking it was monday and today i keep forgetting it's wednesday and IT'S FUCKING UP THE WHOLE THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE.

i just noticed that no one's sitting with franklin, what kind of foolery is this?
actually what happened at puberty
Mask #2
some of us will never ever find true love, because apparently we have absolutely nothing to offer the opposite sex.
ordered this limited print from one of my fave artists, Katy Horan.

night time cellphone pic of  something i'm working on. the right half of a duo.

okay, so, when you layer stitches on top of each other you get these holes that happen, so for the ghost hood i'm trying to use those to my advantage and act like stippling where i need shading to go.
this is my first time trying this so let's see how it goes.
i love my new haircut!
my actual motto when i was 15 years old in 1997/98.

r.i.p. glue diva