sans fards stuck in bed selfie 11/22

being stuck in bed is SO. BORING. OMG. my mind is alert but my body won't cooperate yet.
these painkillers are barely doing anything either. like at least let me ride this out high, instead i'm just totally aware of how slowly time's passing and there are no distractions and i cant even sleep on my side i have to be flat and i fucking hate sleeping on my back. i'm even sick of netflix and embroidery and staring at the same ceiling cuz i keep waking up in the middle of the night jsut staring at that dumb ceiling til the sun comes up.
i've been mentally compiling a Shit List while stuck here, especially at the top are those that i asked to be there for me during this because it was gonna be hard, and they fucking bailed on me. and i see these fuckers all out and about on instagram and facebook, not even a "how's it going?" text. nothing. so fuck em. i have one more surgery scheduled in less than two weeks and i don't know if i can do it. it's too much. this whole experience has been grueling.

patina all sleepy

At the guilford big y there's a bagger that looks lik Divine without the makeup it's tremendous. My doc is in that town I had to kill 20 minutes so I bought muffins. 
Just got home after 8 hours of surgery. I can't feel my body and I'm dripping blood everywhere it's hella gnarly. M on a bunvch of drugs but in s few days I'll be a lot better. I won't be doing anything work related til I'm better I'm sorry.
Also I was awake for the entire thing

christmas is the time to covet!

really gonna have to buy this tote

So totally into these xmas trees made with vintage jewelry. Potential Christmas 2014 diy project!!(click to enlarge)