started watching Thirtysomething on hulu tonight and my goodness these people are miserable.
they treat their little baby with contempt, like it ruined their lives, and it just bums me out.
they even act like marriage ruins your life, like you'll never have sex again after that.
talk about social programming...
love transcends hardship.

21 lbs down so far this month! :)
geez you can see my butt from the front, maybe i need to capitalize on it like Coco T did. do a calendar.

the other night i made the most incredible racks of ribs in the oven. that meat fell off the bone.
the secret is low n slow obviously, but also you gotta make a tinfoil pocket for it. seal it up, pop it in a 300 degree oven, and leave it alone. don't open that door! leave it be for 3 hours. then i turned the oven off and let them hang out in their tinfoil pocket for another 1.5 hours.
then when it came time to do da damn thang and add bbq sauce, i opened up the pocket, gently brushed the sauce on, and popped it in a 400 degree oven, exposed to the heat(no tinfoil pocket this time) til they looked crisp and ready.
i wish you luck in your future rib endeavors.
redoing the Krampus piece, the other one was taking so long and felt like WORK.
this one will be much more fun.

who the fuck got ahold of my private photographs?

maybe i need to explore watercolor more. it's been a lot of fun so far, but i could use help on my technique fer sure.
an emoji movie AND an angry birds movie?
what is this, 2012?
this overuse of hashtags needs to stop.
i'm not talking about when it's a reference, say you're tagging a band, or a type of art, or breed of dog. i'm talking about when people tag their selfies with #blonde #cute #sunshine #happy
no. just stfu you attention goblin.
unless they're actually funny.
but mostly i speak of basic bitches who can't even post a picture of a flower without hashtagging #beauty #yellow #nature #earth staahhhhppppp

i don't have a ton of time to embroider these days, so it's frustrating when i do sit to do some and i'm completely uninterested. it's why nothing's getting finished. i've lost my zest.
that's why i've been doing these corny little paintings, they're fun, zero pressure or expectation, making purely for's tonight's sketch:

almost at 20 lb mark, and i feel good :)

as a child i thought Miss Piggy was so fashionable and glamorous and fabulous, and i wanted to be like her when i grew up. how delightful seeing this old sticker of her now, literally have the exact same outfit. it's like the universe delivered a little thumbs up!

a couple little paintings i did for fun early this morning

stick a fork in me i'm done
super in love with this tv console and wish i could find a new house already so i could move and be surrounded by all my cool stuff again and buy this. *fingers crossed it's still here when it's time to move*
stepping off Mount Olympus for a night out, lookin fly as hell.
all of my cds are packed away in storage and blocked by a wall of furniture, this includes my prince cds.
i just really love movies from the mid 80s that take place in manhattan.
the mood of it all.
this could be us but u playin

15 pounds in less than 2 weeks.
i never really talk about this stuff, but it's important this time because it has to do with my lazy freeloading thyroid and adrenals. i've had hypothyroidism since my teens, if you know anything about it it really messes with a host of different symptoms and you don't quite know you have it unless you get bloodwork. so if you think you have symptoms get that checked!
that being said i've taken per doc's orders synthetic thyroid medicine for years, that's the typical kind. and guess what? it never friggin worked. decades of tinkering with doses and tests upon tests to check the levels and never seeing results.
welp, you know what that means--had to do my own research.
two weeks ago i started taking raw adrenal gland, (as opposed to the synthetic laboratory version of it) and the weight is literally falling off of me. i don't have that puffy hypothyroid face anymore, due to my life right now i'm getting very little sleep but you'd never know. i feel GOOD.
i want to cry i'm so happy. such a simple solution to a lifelong aggravation.
Editor's note: now 18 lbs :) see how fast it goes when your glands are healthy??

so the last two days have been spent sewing a dress for myself and doing some little paintings. i just do them for fun, i know they're not the greatest things ever. i needed a break from embroideries.
here's one i did this morning. the other one wasn't good at all so i'll prob chuck it.

been up since 2am, dog was acting fucky again, didn't know why she wasn't chilling out and going back to sleep, turns out she had spit out her medicine!
she's like those stubborn old ladies who don't wanna take their pills.
i always grew up with lots of cats, so i don't know what's normal for dogs in their old age, but i was warned since she's past the typical age range for her breed that her behavior might get weirder.
just didn't think keeping me up all night would be one them!
but yaknow...when you love something, it's like voluntary servitude. i'd do anything for that little pain in the patoot.
had fun painting these tonight, they're like 3" tall. 
i feel as passionately about the piano in The New Pornographer's "Jackie, Dressed in Cobras" as i do about the piano in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Lie Down Here(& Be My Girl). 
takes a long time. and it's only the base, can't just leave it like that.
new pins

here's lookin at you, kid

a personal favorite summer jam you might like
i won't touch a cucumber but i'll gladly spend the bulk of my day crunching on pickles.
when i was little my dad would take me for drives and we'd stop and get those big pickles from the barrel at Wawa(it was a different time then, stores could safely have big barrels of pickles just out on the floor), and i vowed that when i was an adult i'd always have a pickle barrel in my kitchen.
i'm totally letting my inner child down.
my favorite orchard since i was a fetus had a shoreline wine festival this weekend and it got me thinking, i'd much rather have a shoreline wine cooler fest.
why can't there be indie wine cooler labels? why can't i be a sommelier of wine coolers?
maybe i should start a wine cooler tasting club. no assholes allowed. you literally can't be a dick and drink a wine cooler, i think it affects the taste actually.