this weekend i helped my brothers clean our late grandmother's old house in East Rock, and the before and afters so far have been shocking!
we've only just started, and there's so much to clean and touch up in a month. it's going on the market, and my other brother has to move down south to start his phd program in a few weeks, so then they'll both be gone. it's hard work but i'm kind of enjoying restoring the house to its former beauty. my gramma had excellent taste.

you can see the difference after i scrubbed the walls and trim. the colors in the vintage wallpaper popped, and there's surprisingly very little paint to touch up after all these decades.

this little wall is flanked by two sets of leaded french doors. unbelievable. and under that old carpeting is the original wood flooring from the 1880s with floral inlay in different woods. it's kinda sad helping here cuz i was supposed to move into this floor, but my brothers inherited it and they want to sell. i said i'd help get it all ready to show, but i won't lie i'm bummed i can't live here. :/ oh well.

 this is all pretty fun so far, so i may just keep sharing photos of the renovations. this house is unreal.
 selfie update.
my bangs are growing out weird so you won't see me again for awhile. 
plus i lost over 50 pounds since last april! i'm slow, i have a lazy thyroid. 

last night i had an erotic dream about Dweezil Zappa and it was awful cuz in the dream he had a really small skinny penis and i had to ask, "is it in?"
tbh i'd rather have had the dream about Ahmet.
after Frank he's my favorite Zappa.

i made a Pepe patch. # no regerts

raspberry margarita, fall-off-da-bonez ribs, sweet potato with cinnamon butter and marshmallows=best dinner in a long time

progress. i love these two.

The uncomfortable realization that my "Desperado" is Toto's "Africa".
Man, I feel that shit on a cellular level y'know? 
checked out this book at the library called 5000 Years of Textiles and here are some images:
the embroiderers would do the embellisment on the pattern pieces before they were made into a garment. i'd love big frames like those to work on! :D

would wear in 2015, right?

some applique from 1937

THIS IS LACE. this is lace!

Riding Easy Records just released a Danava patch!!
i dunno where it's gonna fit on my jacket tbh...
my friend Reg sent me a couple of his patches(which is AWESOME cuz his always sell out before i even get a chance to order!) so i reconfigured the top back.

some more updates: i've been killing it with the art stuff and i finally have some play money, so i treated myself to an ipad :) mostly for traveling and also because my laptop is a jalopy and i can't trust traveling with it.

fun one i started between working on shows. couple more of those coming up i'll be pimping out within the next some odd months.

Booty Worship Show May 2nd Superchief Gallery Los Angeles!

Here are my pieces for it:

 This one had to stay behind(heh), because i found a small dot of ink right towards the center of the dang piece, and i couldn't get it out with my usual tricks. And I can't sell an inked piece in good conscience, so I guess it stays with me. you can sorta see it in this photo, above the bottle on the right.

this is basically the only place on the web i can truly be myself, mostly because it's not linked to my heavy trafficked sites, and i don't know who's reading it.
let's get weird.
today my dad surprised me with my own lady rifle, then we ate steaks and watched Drunk History.

new patches!

today's progress: Bud can in a Lisa Frank style beer koozie.

day light
night light

my bro just sent me a link to this german millionaire and asked, "doesn't he look like tim heidecker dressed as dog the bounty hunter?"
yes. he certainly does.
kudos to you, der kommissar.
watching a youtube vid on anomalies on the moon's surface and the guy's voice sounds like ray romano.
human punchline