i was gonna hit up a show tonight in a leopard beret but then my dog started having the bad symptoms of her heart problems so now i'm sitting and keeping watch.

my mentor and hero, Alma Mahler

Kokoschka had a doll made of her
 an artist in her own right, she was "irresistible and irresistibly attracted to original men."
she was the ultimate muse, beautiful and intelligent, with an earthy sensuality that inspired artists from all mediums.
Kokoschka wrote, "We seek each other, want each other, must have each other so that destiny...can be fulfilled."  to which she replied, "I will marry you when you have produced a masterpiece!" HOLY SHIT.
On Mahler: "Everything about him is holy to me I would like to kneel before him and kiss his loins--kiss everything, everything."
But it's not so much about power, it's about knowing the man you admire can do SO MUCH MORE. its believing in him and knowing his potential, and praising when due, and kindly urging him on when he's not quite there yet.
she was not a bitch, i think she was confident, i think she knew her shit, and i don't think she wasted time on men who were basic bitches. with that comes expectations of greatness. and who could fail with such a muse for a cheerleader? the right one can transport you to higher levels of creativity.

only thing stopping me from buying this perfect spiderweb dress is the price.
I still have no fucking clue what cornflake girl is about though. 

i'm continually finding that songs i liked as a teenager that never made much sense now make sense because i'm older and seasoned.
the housing market is absolute shit right now, and yet another house up north is a no go.
super frustrated, feel trapped here, can't begin anything here because i have to be ready to move once the right house is found, yet it's taking SO LONG, and meanwhile i'm over here with my life buffering.
i'm glad its' raining today, i was getting sick of that sunshine and 80 degree weather. i opened the window for my dog and she's sitting and smelling the rain and i'm about to cry hahaha
to be honest i don't think patina could handle the move, and i'm wondering if that's why the house hunting isn't working out, i don't like thinking about it though.
livin' lavish over here
my dog only wants to eat gourmet roast beef from my palm at $15 a pound lately.

little Englebert and big Enoch might be my favorite instagram stars.

my Patina having a moment in her window
every day i get with her now is a gift
new haven green trees

the pinkish yarn has little gold sparkles in it

my uncle gave me a gift certificate to knit new haven and i desperately needed to get out of the house(patina's having a good day today) so i made an afternoon of it and went to lunch at atticus and checked out some shops.
shout out to the handsome men downtown for making this old lass feel like hot stuff.
then i came home and got the email that my ny mag feature was released!
and as i'm about to get back to this commission i see my dvr taped Hocus Pocus! 
it's been a good day so far :)

it's a bunch of Patinas!!!!

my old gal's still holding on, not time yet.
i was SO over seeing pizza pins everywhere, and then i stumbled on this sophia loren quote pin tonight and felt it straight up in my soul.
this half italian gal loves sophia and loves her pasta

lord help me i really like that side to side song

the perks of being a roagie
some art i stumbled on this week that's really wettin' m'whistle
this is 3dimensional embroidery. i recently bought a bunch of books to teach myself, i love it SO MUCH.
me when i walk into a home and see inspirational quotes on the walls.

my niece's monster drawings
that little red mummy!!!
i can't show what's under that mess cuz this is a secret, but i wanted to show the crocheted blankets that took me days to embroider, i think they're the cutest!

one of my favorite hobbies is looking at houses before the year 1900 for sale in ct and then pretending i can buy one.

um, if that's the actual price i'll take it?
me every morning this fall when i see that dumb bright sun

body by bishop's orchard pumpkin whoopie pies
my first threesome
want to try my hand at bobblehead's chocolate salami recipe