i'd name them Amelia and Daphne c: and i'd hug and kiss their cheeks forever n ever
started on some art for the walls.   
just printed them from the computer, glued them onto some thin cardboard, then frame/d them with wood pieces.
i haven't made real art in awhile, and it looks like it's not happening anytime soon.
made some groceries :) and my applesauce snack in the background.

main part's contructed and glued. then i have to set up electricity with the conductive copper tape. (or maybe i'll be lazy and ask one of my brothers to do it)

would you like some coffee? heh heh...

i made miniature 3d foods tonight. the bags of chips were first glued on 3 sides, then stuffed with stuffing from the craft store, sealed, then coated with glossy mod podge, then wrinkled a little for dimension. the boxed foods were first printed from my computer, then glued onto very thin cardboard, coated with the glossy mod podge, scored with an x-acto knife, then the flaps were glued together. :)
the kitchen is the first room i'm working on, however the house isn't built yet. the instructions stress that you follow the order they lay out, and the first few steps are all painting and assembling the windows and porch pieces, flower boxes and doors, so i'm still working on those. the wood soaks up a lot of paint so i've had to do 3 coats.
grief takes awhile, this massive project is paralleling it. it's helping.
as you can see, building a bay window is very hard, you can't paint coated wood or it peels, and empty refrigerators are a sad sad thing.
but look at that beautiful dresser!
my fashionista niece taking a shit on all of us.
we're a buncha schlubs next to her!
sorry to the folks who come here to see embroidery updates. i've been very depressed since my dog passed away last week and embroidery allows for too much thinking right now. building this big doll house has been the best distraction so far.

voices. of. angels.
made a little wall sculpture based off the clay piece by nastyavarlamova

friday night painting some cabinets

everybody's been trying to jump in on my dollhouse making, like make your own dudes.
doesn't matter who you are, everybody gets a kick outta stuff in miniature.
getting art files together to print and make frames for.
this kaye blegvad is definitely going in my bathroom hahaha
this one over the couch?

or maybe this one?

my little kitchen came and the front and side door are done :)
(yes that's spaghetti, it's a really great way to dry things without them sticking!)
also i plan to paint the cabinets, keep the top the wood so it looks like butcher block, and the bottom will be a white, more on the warm side.
i made a tiny bottle of instant bustello :) it's about an inch tall, and i put real coffee in there. the label was made with a tiny logo that was on the package and the top was painted with nail polish.
the shutters are all done, that's my pressing station. each shutter is two pieces, i just chose to keep them white.

that's beautiful

okay, before anyone thinks i'm a total melvin, please note how super cool the world of modern dollhousing is. it's a really great outlet for creative folks who like designing and crafting and can't afford to live in the houses they really want.

if i could get rick moranis to shrink me down 1:12 size i'd live in these.
found a cool bureau for my dollhouse today for stupid cheap. i planned to build most of the furniture myself(it's a fun distraction), but this was a real gem of a find.
don't laugh but my mom's knitting a little afghan for it.
ugh. i'm never gonna be cool when i get hammed up over corny shit like dollhouses.
ps i also bought this tiny pastel yellow mixer
(and a platter of tiny cocktail weiners in crescent roll dough)(i saw them, they were $3, how am i gonna pass that up?)
miss kissing those cheeks
mad respect for romeo, he had big balls. who climbs a balcony anymore?
if you're not willing to make a fool of yourself for love, then it's not real. it's just convenience and attraction. true love makes you a fucking fool. over and over and over again.
look at this happy asshole. 
bikini girls in meme masks.
it's not serious it's just busy work.

the spongebob angry caveman is up next.