too relevant right now
"No society wants you to become wise: it is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated, they cannot be forced into a mechanical life, to live like robots. They will assert themselves-they will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them; they will want to live in freedom." --Osho

i don't care what side of the political coin you're on, i'm sick of seeing people i respect drinking the kool aid.
since when did y'all start trusting and believing politicians?
so inspired by kelly and brenda in their halloween costumes.
brenda by day, kelly by night
juxtapoz mag's been good to me
i'm thinking creatives even more so?
is that Al Borland?
Offred(The Handmaid's Tale)
send me back!

niece 3/4 loves halloween :)

started stitching tiny portraits of some of my favorite literary characters(the identifiable ones at least).
so far lady macbeth and ophelia are done. next is offred, then celie, then hestor prynne, connie chatterley, and miss havisham.will most likely add to this list, and sell them as i go.
i've seen these guys. they stink.
oh, to be a fly on that wall.

i had fun coloring in these drawings my friend Sophie did :)
multihouse tour next weekend!!
fingers crossed my new home is in there!!!
it's all i think about anymore. leaving here. starting over.
all i think about.
i'd also be super sad if they divorced too.
my friend texted me cuz their dog died and she was going through kulap's instagram looking at pix of their dog and crying and i was like omg me too!
i made apple pie and pasta fazool and i'm pretending it's not 100 degrees outside right now.

the only celebrity divorce i would ever be upset about would be Chris Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis's.
i heard a song at walmart and literally thought it was about eating cake on the beach and i thought to myself Wow this guy sounds like a dream date, but now i think cake is slang for poonery?
honestly i'd rather just have the cake!
a sandy beach is the last place ya wanna take your pannies off at, am i right ladies?
i dunno about you but my life's certainly feeling like bullshit now.
but i'm sure most people aren't having their nude bodies festooned with wildflowers.
i mean whatever who cares not me.
the guy from Warrant wearing a jean jacket over jean overalls, no shirt.
and that my friends, is how you get yourself a cherry pie gal.
been rewatching mad men while i work and everybody's always hoppin' to the sex like they're in a rush to catch a train after.
i mean that's fun and all but who wants to be choked every time? and watch those fingernails buddy yeesh.
what i want to tell all the townie girls around here who go out at night in their old jeans and shapeless hoodies.

get a girl that can do both
been mostly cleaning out a basement for the past week, so not making much progress on anything. but i'm finally done down there, so it's back to stitching yaaaaay
i'm gonna practice some stumpwork leaves on this one, just need to get supplies.
it makes me sad that so many people are making fun of corey feldman right now.
dude's been through so much pain in his short life, if his songs and scantily clad groupies make him happy, leave him alone. he ain't hurtin' anybody.

more top notch basement finds

my signed bf5 oversized ringer tee from h.o.r.d.e tour(prob the most late 90s sentence i'll ever type on here)

next time you see me i'll be seducing you with austin powers lingo. yeah, baby!
zed had a lot of goth coffee table books
the remote's missing!
uhhhhhhgot any gum?
remember when snl was funny?
so apparently all the hot physicists are hangin' with quantum computers now.
d-wave groupie over here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i could swear i've seen all the Seinfeld episodes multiple times over, and then my friend sent me this link and i don't remember ANY of this. it's freaking me out tbh. werewolf seinfeld?!? you'd think i would remember that. dat darn Mandela happening again??

ship goals, tbh
dark rainy day, working on spooky embroideries, watching the new American Horror Story(finally a season that isn't cheesy)(y'all know i got a boner for anything historical, so a Roanoke horror story? oh count me IN)
already getting inspired!
only thing that could possibly improve it would be doing all this while getting head.