i just mistook a recent photo of michael showalter to be joe scarborough.
y'all see it too though, right?

friday night eatin' chicken wings and investigating the mysterious case of steven seagal's hairline.
started this last night, scale's smaller so it's going faster.
(in the back is my drawing for the ultimate lazyman's craft table) it's prob my greatest invention, it's gonna take care of retirement lemme tell you)
it's like spring today!!!
i won't get my hopes up *too* much, new england folks know that this could be a tease and then we get a snowstorm the next week, but the sun's bright and birds are singing on the fence outside my window. brings to mind my favorite verse from Isaiah 55:12 You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.

this song's still fire
totally forgot how good Angie Stone's "Stone Love" album was.
many days riding the subway to those jams. that and "Twin Cinema" and Want One and Two.

i got my hair cut today and i lost about 15 lbs this month and it's warm enough to wear dresses again and i'm feelin' real perty y'all. (◡‿◡✿)

watched Naked Gun the other night(for the millionth time)and i've had this dumb song in my head for days.
perhaps the only jaunty tune that mentions a hobo giving head...?

my heart feels like an empty chalkboard on the first day of school.

this is some top notch Pepe

lawful good in the house y'all

the face of a woman who hasn't done a ding dongin' thing all dang day.
so i think this is gonna be my new car.
so last week my dad borrowed my car and some jerk ran a red light and hit him so hard the car spun around twice! my dad was in the hospital, and he's not doing so hot, but he's alright. the car however is another story. i'm without a car right now, and stupid me for some reason didn't add rental to my policy when i first switched over, so i don't even have a rental right now. anyways,  i'm shopping around for a new car.
i quite like these chevy sparks, and they start at 13, which is a nice manageable price. my first car was an old chevy, i loved that thing. it was black though, which isn't very fun n' sassy. the spark comes in a buttload of colors, but i love the lemonade one the most.

update: it's most likely going to be my new car, gonna go test drive one asap! eeeeek!
still empty of new ideas, so i figured, well, it's a good time to finish previous ones and focus more on the technical, practice my 3d embroidery some more.
so today i'm back to this one. it's not moody enough, it's not dark enough.

 the boudoir coming along.
little kitchen's coming along :) on the hunt for a small table and chairs, and need to put in shelves above the sink area, and obviously paint touch ups and more art.
i haven't felt like embroidering at all since patina died, and every time i try to it only makes me more frustrated. there's nothing there. i feel very much like a light inside of me died with her passing.
built a bookcase but it seems bland compared to the rest of the room!
did i post this already? it should be shared multiple times it's captain ron!!! look at that salty old bear! i love him so.

some heroes don't wear capes. (but apparently occasionally wear tight shades and a primo wig)
i ate a crab cake on top of a lobster tail and lots of chocolate mousse tonight.
also i dipped the crab-cake-tail in melted butter. i leaned the fuck into that dinner with gusto.
kitchen tiles

a local valentine for local people
the fireplace is in!!! :)

the bedroom art (yes that's a Dr. Rick Dagless portrait on the dresser)
the craft studio's art. this room will take a while because i want to install shelving and a window seat.

my brother called PM Dawn "BM Dawn" and i nearly popped a hernia laughing so hard.

finally finished and mounted these. then promptly sold them hooray!