watching Eastbound and Down season 1 while i stitch.
lighter moss base is in

Forever Ducca Love
my last sheet of iron-on paper was put to good use.
just need to buy some shirts
progress shot; the frame is 12"x20"
carpal tunnel breakin' my stride

my poor pup pup had an allergic reaction all over her body to a different shampoo used by the groomer so she's on antihistimine medicine, and it makes her sleep like a tender lamb.
she's my best friend, and the light of my life, and i'm so glad she's okay.
Stranger Things gets my official endorsement
it's making being stuck indoors for hours and days and hours working on show pieces by deadline so much more enjoyable.
also it's making me really miss the 80s.
like, the real 80s. for us kids in the middle class suburbs at least.
when walls were brown wood and carpet was brown shag and my mom looked like a portuguese linda belcher.
this season's pretty fucking miserable and heavy handed tbh.

got these new pins at a thrift shop in portsmouth

i got my cousin into comedy bang bang and i stitched this while we watched.

i had misself a lil vacation

here are a couple pictures, i left out ones with people in them for privacy reasons.
my homegirl
this beach got even more crowded after i snapped the pic
a famous mansion in town whose name escapes me
this is a panorama of the water around said mansion
nubble light house in maine. there was all this seaweed at the bottom of the rocks that was mesmerizing as you watched it sway under the water, and i honestly think this is how mermaids lure humans into the water.
a local treat that's supposed to taste like pie. haven't opened it yet. i have high hopes, Betty Lou.
phoebe walking on that little railing made me very nervous. cats, man. they just don't gaf.

me all summer 

squad goals
wait, forgot bob ducca

i never really listen to modern radio and i heard that stitches song at the mall and holy crap it's like a breakup song for embroiderers. 
i'm glad i have my own little guest room on the 3rd floor of my aunt's house, because everybody's fast asleep and i'm still wide awake.

been on the hunt for a few months for a new pair of glasses, the perfect pair of glasses, and i found it on my trip to portsmouth, nh!
half frames with cat eyes AND decorative etching AND they look great when i put them on? i'll take em!

the weird al version is always better
i just learned today that there's an adult swim keyboard in the app store you can download, and then go into your phone settings and add it to your keyboard choices(like you would the emoji), and they've got emojis and even gifs you can put right in your texts.
so yeah, mind blown.
now why couldn't the seinfeld emoji have done this??
i still have no way of texting a man if he's spongeworthy.
google image searching bojack horseman and stumbling on erotic fan art.
sometimes i really really hate the internet.
my elderly child
 i can't get over how lush this painting is.

the third pin in my collection is designed and ordered!
sometimes it takes awhile because i have to be inspired. like if i was just trying to be a pin company i have ideas for funny stuff by the dozens, but what i'm trying to do is limited edition runs of pins inspired by my Art, ya dig?
sometimes my ideas don't work out, which kept happening for a few months, but it all finally came together. phew!
about to make some new shirts this week.
homemade fan shirts are the way to go when you like stuff that has hardly any merch available.