Find the darkest part close your eyes and fall into it; I'm waiting. 
So happy to be in Portsmouth this weekend :) 
The word appetite is so gross when Eddie Money says it.

keep your Chrimbus bushes trimmed and wet, Winterman'll be here in 4 days!!
just found a shop that makes a repro of this dress!
i found my red beret just in time for the christmas light parade
people who attend christmas events but don't dress christmassy are a bunch of assholes and Santa don't need em. go home, rogers. 
also sorry this blog isn't entertaining, i don't have anyone to show off for anymore so i've lapsed into a state of emotional ennui.
my dog has to have 3 biopsies in a couple weeks, merry christmas! (that was sarcasm, btw)
hello, little dream house

I absolutely love Rebecca's dusty lilac and lace dress on the Christmas episode of the Cheers.
i'm done embroidering, next i clean them up and mount them.
i have four very sassy n' special nieces, and i sent them early christmas flair to enjoy all month.
these two are hardcore into fairies, and i found christmas fairy wings so of course i had to buy and ship asap. got this photo today from my sister in law, they've been wearing them ever since they arrived!
the other two nieces got holiday accessories to wear, they're super into flair and putting their outfits together.
i take my job as the Cool Aunt very seriously, okay?!

i ordered this in the summer and am finally able to wear it.
the greatest gift Greece has ever given the world

josh grobin's like our modern day kenny loggins.

*in terms of appearance and temperament 
I just caught the last couple minutes of St Elmo's Fire and now I'm all bummed out.
I'll never miss my teen years, but the early 20s were really friggin fun.
Kaye Blegvad

it's that time!

American Psycho is a Christmas movie as far as I'm concerned.

i can't wait anymore! i love this song
would it be crude to ask Santa for a deep dickin' this Christmas?
would it be rude to specify not from him?
ya blew it
why thank you it's an honor just to be nominated
we want's explosives
cold sore carol and gina 'the clap' binetti
see this would impress me. maybe my standards are too low hahahaha. i mean as long as there's ranch i'm happy
if i don't get ranch with my chicken tenders (that's not true i just ask politely and then enjoy my entree)
mani fredde, cuore caldo
i mean...he's pretty hot...what's the harm?
Albert Matignon - The Opium Vampire - 1911

portals and entryways
back to stitching this one tonight
Claire Tabouret

if anybody wants to marry me i found a dress hmu
good mail day (my mom surprised me with the tiny enamel needlepoint pin)
from Ovid's Metamorphoses: A jealous Circe pours a magic potion into the water that her rival in love, Scylla, is about to bathe in.

the christmas season can officially begin now
(these won't last)
(and i'm not sharing)
my life feels like this perpetual case of blue balls and i'm over here wondering if i'm ever gonna get an orgasm.