i really liked this one but there were just way too many thots around.
oh shit what'd he do

all of my homegirls are hilarious and not one of them has ever made a wine joke and that's why i treasure them.
man, the sims is getting weird.
faye moorhouse

*thinkin 'bout weens*

i know what i like

summer jacket flair

this guy is creating a seinfeld game, paradigm adventures
it's a sure thing
people who earnestly caption their instagram posts with truisms are people i refuse to follow.
hilda's doing summer right
my birthday's on the 27th and i had a bit of an existential crisis so i talked to one of my big brothers about it.
long story short the master's program i want to get into requires chemistry and organic chemistry credits combined with a 2.9gpa(i'm 3.6 right now since going to columbia, my worry is adding those organic chem courses), so i've got some work to do.
my bro is this brilliant scientist who works on cures for infectious diseases for a living, so at least i have him to help with my homework! 
i started to assume that nothing ever happened because he secretly had a micro penis he was ashamed of.
maybe a giant goiter on his testicle.
or his ass was covered in pimples.
yaknow, something like that.
cuz i know it's not me, i'm adorable and i've got a fat ass n titties. i've got it all!

so what was that?
lol my dog's the same way
i don't understand why people are crying in youtube vids about frank ocean's new album.
yeah i listened to it, no i don't get what the big friggin deal is.
the poor children today are so starved for real musical talent in this hyper-controlled music industry, they lose their shit over straight up mediocrity.
my true form

my bitmoji represents me better than i do.
my third pin(center) arrived today!
my brother saw this in the mens bathroom of an italian restaurant.
now that's a spicy meatball!
thanks to this new MTV Classics tv channel, i can remember how utterly lame savage garden was.
oh great bbmak is on now.
all these videos are in subways. forgot that was a thing in the late 90s.
you can tell it's fake because there's all this room to sit and stand on those trains, and no one looks like they smell like old beef vegetable soup.
been working on this the past two days.
needs work still, and some background. i wanted to practice some 3d techniques on it still.

i've unfortunately had "freak on a leash" stuck in my head for days thanks to an MTV Classics commercial with korn in it.
my friend just sent me this and i nearly broke my funny fuse.
howwwwww were they ever popular?!??....what a terrible time to be alive.
still the best snapchat filter. hands down bar none!
also i got rid of the ginger hair. i'm a brunette. that's who i am. i feel better now.
sketching out ideas for the upcoming Broad City show.
ilana's face is really really hard to draw.

me now that the big embroidery's all done ahead of deadline and the next deadline isn't until mid september :)